German filmmaker couple Anna Riedel-Jahn and Lucas T. Jahn recently explored the diverse landscapes of Portugal on a five-week road trip. Driving more than 4.800km around the country, they visited the wild Douro valley in the northeast, the tranquil schist villages in the center and windy Cabo de São Vicente in the southwest - and almost everything in between.

Lucky for us, they captured their exploits on video, and created a one-hour long travel documentary that captures the stunning beauty of Portugal’s varied landscapes.

When asked what they liked most about Portugal, Anna said: „To be positively surprised all the time. In the North, we looked upon countless imposing waterfalls in a region that does not fit the stereotypical image of Portugal at all. I also loved all the schist villages, especially Cerdeira and Foz de Égua, and the abandoned Hotel Águas de Radium, because I am a big fan of lost places“.

"For me, it was definitely the Serra de Estrela - I simply did not expect to end up in a snowstorm when visiting Portugal. Even better, the next day we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine, so we got the best of both worlds. Oh, and let’s not forget the Pastéis de Nata - I have never eaten so many delicious pastries in as short a time as in Portugal,“ added Lucas.

Rugged Roadtrips around Portugal

Of course, their road trip through Portugal wasn’t the couple’s first foray through a foreign country. Their YouTube channel chronicles their adventures in countries such as Namibia, Costa Rica or Australia. Always on the hunt for little trails off the beaten path, they call themselves Rugged Roadtrips - a fitting name for their adventurous journeys.