The kitchen is no longer just a place where we prepare our dishes - it is more than that - it is where we enjoy our home, where we chat with friends, have fun with family or where we relax after a long day, and has become the most important room in our homes.

MEGABOX, in addition to installing tailor-made kitchens and bathrooms, produced in its own factory, works by exclusivity with MINOTTI and SNAIDERO, and has the perfect partnerships in the market, providing the best products to make kitchens a pleasant place to be in. The company, with showrooms in the Algarve and Lisbon, works side by side with premium brands such as BORA.

BORA, a premium brand of kitchen appliances, has MEGABOX as one of its main partners in Portugal. “From the first day we arrived in Portugal, we tried to work with reliable partners, with technical skills and those capable of promoting the products in the right way”, Rui Contente, Sales Manager at BORA Portugal told The Portugal News.

“Actually, I would like all companies to be like MEGABOX due to their professionalism and the way they get involved in the projects. We have had a very good relationship since the first day we arrived in Portugal,” he added.

Luxury extraction

BORA is a premium brand of kitchen appliances, which created new cooktop extraction technology. Instead of letting vapours and odours rise, BORA extractors push them away, extracting them directly from the pot, pan, skillet or grill on the hob.

This new technology was created by Willi Bruckbauer, founder and CEO of BORA, in 2005, when he decided to challenge the norm and created a product that would transform the kitchen space (forever!).

This product is born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Willi Bruckbauer, who found a solution that he couldn't obtain on the market. After creating the new prototype in 2005, he presented the project to some companies already active in the market. However, none of them believed that the product really worked, leaving them with no choice but to set up their own company which at the moment has already inspired several brands around the world.

“We usually say that we came to change the kitchen space and build a new concept in the market. We were the first company doing this, but then others came after us, because this is the future,” Rui Contente said.

BORA cooking extractor systems benefits

This technology has several advantages, mainly because it is designed to fit well in the kitchen, offering an elegant look. Above all, it's more effective - through various experiments done, even foods (like grilled salmon) that leave more smoke and smells are completely eliminated. You will leave your kitchen with no unpleasant smell on your clothes.

In addition, this product promotes easier cleaning, because while cleaning conventional extractor hoods is usually time-consuming, with BORA it is very easy because it is integrated into the hob. Also, people can remove the parts and wash them in the dishwasher, which makes the while process very simple.

Additionally, the days when you can't listen to the TV because of the noise coming from your extractor are over. “I don't have anything else to hit my head on, or fog up my glasses when I'm cooking. I can be talking to my friends, having them around me, without having any physical barriers and without the noise that conventional extractors usually make.”

Also, this company that works with MEGABOX, does not stop innovating. After developing this revolutionary extraction technology, BORA is using the stem to cook with BORA X BO, which is the first flex oven. This new system will be available for purchase very soon.

For further information, please see MEGABOX’s website at or visit their showrooms in the Algarve or in Lisbon for a more sensorial experience with BORA and several other premium brands.