In a statement, the party led by André Ventura explains that the inquiry will aim to “investigate the computer attacks that extremely relevant institutions from a political, economic, strategic and social point of view have suffered in Portugal in recent weeks”.

"The consecutive attempts of computer attacks on communications companies, the media, the government and, possibly, the parliament itself, reveal two dimensions that cannot be ignored: the possible participation of states or foreign groups in these attacks and the possible geostrategic interest of these acts, and the evident unpreparedness of the Portuguese State and its various authorities to deal with the phenomenon of massive cyberattacks", argues the party.

Chega considers it "fundamental that both dimensions are investigated intensively", justifying that "the commissions of inquiry must investigate matters of public importance and with institutional impact, as well as variants where the responsibility of the State can and should be determined".

"This is, inevitably, one of those areas. Chega will, therefore, in the first weeks of parliamentary operation, propose the constitution of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the computer attacks suffered by various institutions in Portugal in recent weeks, as well as the responsibility of the Portuguese State in the absence of preparation to respond, prevent and prevent them", concludes the statement.