Lagoa dos Salgados has become one of the most visited birdwatching sites in the Algarve and has been pointed to by the Parliament as a future Nature Reserve. However, a construction project on the site looks to be taking shape, which is causing public outrage.

The parliament unanimously approved the classification of Lagoa dos Salgados as a Nature Reserve. Additionally, in 2018, the tourism project received an unfavorable decision from CCDR-Algarve on the Environmental Compliance of the Execution Project (DECAPE). However, the hospitality projects carry on and, at the moment, are under public consultations from 31 January to 18 February. A period of time that, the movement of citizens who are trying to prevent the start of this project, considers short, as there are many details to analyse.

According to the movement of citizens, it has become clear that there is a conflict between the proposed classification as a Nature Reserve (and, consequently, the preservation of the site), and the construction of these new buildings. Furthermore, environmentalists are not happy with the projects and are concerned about the promoters' persistence on presenting the new project and compromising the process of creating a new nature reserve.

“In addition, the Nature Reserve classification proposal is supported in a technical report prepared at a scientific level by ICNF, aiming the preservation of protected habitats and species. In specific, the Linaria algarviana, as well as flora species, including plants in dangerous of extinction in Portugal such as Mandragora autumnalis, as well as all others formed by the existing wetlands, the sand dunes and the agricultural fields and dry meadows, which are home to thousands of birds, which live and rest there during their migratory journeys”, said Almargem.

The movement, which is made up of nine Environmental Organisations (Almargem, A Rocha, ANP|WWF, Vita Nativa, LPN, Quercus-ANCN, Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds, ZERO) as well as companies and individual citizens, submitted a formal request for a deadline extension to the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-Algarve), which was rejected by the entity. The public consultations are available at and

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