Yet, I see and know that tomorrow’s world is being built today through the consciousness of individuals WILLING to sit at the feet of the Masters and accept their love, their words, their understanding, their promises, their visions and their truth.

Contemplate, in the silence of your own sanctuary, the power of God within you, and allow it to transform your world. I am committed to helping you, for YOU are my representatives! You are the lifestreams that mankind can see! When you dedicate yourselves in service for the benefit of humanity, your bodies, your world and consciousness represents my teachings, my world, my very self, and the self of all the masters who are assisting this planet and her evolution back to Divine Love and Light.

Dear ones, know that we, of the hierarchy, are dependent upon you to mirror that which you have received through the years from me and from the other Masters of this planetary Brotherhood. In the name of God and of your own I AM Presence, I say to you, “arise in the mastery of your Godhood! Allow yourself to wear the magnificent Robes of Freedom that I wish to bestow upon you as my representative in the outer world, and which you shall, in kindness and love, place upon the shoulders of men, women and children who have incarnated to be part of this wondrous Golden Age of enlightenment”! Use the power of the Sacred Fire daily! Who among you is going to arise and BE? We shall see!

To those who have looked into the future and listened to the words of the Masters who speak freely of a Golden Age that is to come, it is pleasing to the heart to hear, amusing to the mind, and gives hope to those in despair. It is your job, dear ones, to manifest that Golden Age in Love. As masters in our realm, we have accomplished this already and live it. It is now up to you to demonstrate enough mastery to create this Age of Enlightenment that you have been waiting for.

I am Saint Germain, your brother and friend. I have come to claim the fires of your heart for the victory of the Aquarian age. I have set the patterns for your soul’s initiations. I AM on the path of freedom, and I AM the God of Freedom. Take that path and you will find me there. I am your teacher if you will have me. From the ashram of the great Violet Temple, along with the Violet Flame Temple of Telos and your eternal friend Adama, we send you blessings of joy through the miracles of the Violet Flame of Transformation and Freedom in The Love of God.

How to Use the Violet Flame

“In the name of the I AM of my being, in the name of The LOVE of God that passes all understanding, I now call forth the action of the Violet Flame of transmutation, of compassion and forgiveness in my auric field, for the cleansing and purifying of every thought and feeling in my solar plexus and in all of my chakras. I ask the action of the Violet Fire to permeate every cell, atom and electron of my four body systems at this moment and at all times each day of my life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the healing of all distortions in my energy fields from past and present misunderstandings. I ask the energies of the Violet Fire to start healing all distortions in my physical, emotional and mental bodies. With much love and gratitude, I now ask for the action of the Violet Fire to manifest in my energy fields in full power of The Love of God. And so be it.”

You can use this kind of saying or create your own. Sit quietly visualizing it, breathing it in. Using the breath in a conscious and sustained manner brings it into your auric field in a more tangible and creative manner. Then ask the Violet Flame to sustain this activity in LOVE for the rest of the day, and it will continue its action for you while you perform your other daily activities. The action will continue uninterrupted as long as you remain in LOVE and harmony. Whenever you ask any flame of God and you ask for its momentum to be sustained, its activity will continue until you engage in disharmony in your feeling world. If you come to a situation of disharmony, start again in LOVE to recover your emotional balance.

The more you visualize it, and the more you stay in LOVE in your heart with it in your meditation, the more momentum it is building. There was a time with earlier dispensations in the last century when people were not very willing to meditate. So we formulated a series of sayings or decrees where people could ask for the Violet Flame or any flame of God in LOVE. The key to all these sayings is to ask God in LOVE. Without LOVE in your Heart they simply do not work.