“There is in fact a cartel situation in Portugal, in fuel, which leads consumers to always pay more. The Bloc has already proposed it in the past and we reaffirm that there must be rules for fixing prices. It is not possible to justify everything that is happening in Portugal with the price of fuel with market fluctuations. There is a clear use that has to be fought, and that is fought with price fixing”, she defended.

Catarina Martins also defended the need for an “adequacy” of the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP).

“The Government also has room to lower the ISP and it should. With the rise in fuel prices, the government's tax revenue will continue to increase, even if the government lowers the ISP. It is also not clear why there is no change in the ISP to control this price fluctuation”, she added.

The prices of diesel and petrol will soar next week, with increases of more than 14 and eight cents per litre, respectively, following the rise in the prices of oil products on international markets, according to industry sources.