“Hundreds of thousands of refugees, with many children subjected to war and exile, would already be an unavoidable reason for urgent mobilization, but support must also be given to the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people on the ground, taking care of those who remained. For this, the voices and talent of countless Portuguese musicians join, who, together and in unison, want to appeal for peace and raise support through a solidarity concert to take place on March 15 at the Super Bock Arena in Porto”, says the organization in a statement sent to Lusa agency.

Carolina Deslandes, Diogo Piçarra, Fernando Daniel, Dino D'Santiago, Capicua, Gisela João, Cuca Roseta, Paulo de Carvalho, Miguel Araújo, Gospel Collective, Pedro Abrunhosa, Miramar, Noiserv, Selma Uamusse, Tó Trips and Best Youth.

The list of artists also includes Ana Bacalhau, Andrey Lidnov/Marcos Martins, Benjamim, David Fonseca, Mafalda Veiga, Márcia, Maria João, Marisa Liz, Matay, Moullinex, Rita Redshoes, Samuel Úria, Sara Correia, Teresa Salgueiro and We Trust.

The box office proceeds will go entirely to three humanitarian aid organizations: the Ukrainian Red Cross, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Voices of Children and the UBTS – Emergency Center.