According to a report by idealista, the concept consists of a gantry bridge with an arch effect, entirely in concrete, and with a longitudinal profile at a height slightly higher than that of the Arrábida Bridge, so as not to constitute a visual obstacle.

With a strong orientation towards sustainability, the proposal also foresees the installation of photovoltaic panels, which will allow the lighting of the bridge, says the Porto City Council (CMP), adding that the project also includes stairs and an elevator serving Rua do Bicalho and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.

According to Metro do Porto, “the bridge to be developed will link Campo Alegre, in Porto, to Candal, in Vila Nova de Gaia, being an obligatory part of a new Metro line – the Ruby Line – which will connect the stations of Casa da Music and Saint Ovid”.

“Both the future bridge and the new line are fully funded by funds entered in the Recovery and Resilience Plan and will be built and in operation by the end of 2025”, adds the company.

Not for cars

New bridge between Porto and Gaia will only be for Metro, pedestrians and bicycles

The municipality indicates that the contract for the development of the project should be signed soon, representing an investment of more than 1 million euros. CMP also reveals that the deck of the future bridge is exclusively reserved for the Metro, pedestrians and bicycles.

The chairman of the board of directors of Metro do Porto, Tiago Braga, considers, in a statement, that the new bridge over the Douro will make “the region even more cohesive, environmentally sustainable and competitive” and confirms that it is a project that has in mind concern with sustainability: “At a time when energy issues are even more on the agenda, this bridge and this line are the strongest contribution to the decarbonisation of mobility in this region, since this is the axis alternative to car traffic on Ponte da Arrábida and part of the VCI, structurally contributing to a lower national dependence on fossil fuels”.