Adhesions to the Autovoucher have soared, after the Government announced the reinforcement of this support for the purchase of fuel. In a single week, around 400,000 taxpayers signed up for this programme, which already covers more than two million Portuguese, said the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, António Mendonça Mendes.

Launched in the penultimate month of 2021, the Autovoucher provides for the monthly transfer of support to taxpayers who purchase fuel at participating gas stations.

Between November and February, this programme gave five euros a month to the Portuguese, but given the rise in fuel prices, the Government decided to update this amount. So, this month, anyone who buys fuel at the pumps is entitled to an aid not of five, but of 20 euros.

To be entitled to this subsidy – which is transferred once a month directly to the bank account of the person who supplies the car –, Portuguese have to register their NIF on the IVAucher/Autovoucher platform, a procedure that around 400 thousand taxpayers carried out this week, after the announcement of the reinforcement of this aid, the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs advanced.