“In addition to an increase in prices, there will be a shortage of products, which leads to speculation, which in turn leads to a further increase. It is impossible to know how far the climb will go”, says the president of the Confederação dos Agricultores de Portugal (CAP), who added that there are farmers who will give up producing various seasonal crops, such as corn, vegetables and some fruits in order not to have any losses. “The stock of some products, such as flour for pasta, is so low that in a month or two we may have to go into rationing as happened in the 70s”, he said.

The vice-president of the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies, Gonçalo Lobo Xavier, told Expresso, that for the time being, there are no production disruptions, “but there is an absolutely unprecedented price pressure”. The director-general of the Portuguese Association of Branded Product Companies, Pedro Pimentel, admits: “We can have in retail a scenario identical to queues at gas stations, with people buying non-perishable products in advance”. The president of the Food Bank against Hunger warns that “food shortages will reach a level that has not been seen for many years”.