According to the travel specialist Travel Weekly, the airline's decision comes after the United Kingdom decided to lift all Covid-19 restrictions.

“Following the elimination of the mandatory use of masks in several countries, we have revised our in-flight mask policy and made the decision that, effective March 27, 2022, on flights where masks are no longer legally required at both ends of the route, we will not require customers and crew to wear masks on board,” easyJet said.

Despite the decision, easyJet says that it will respect the decision of each passenger, so anyone who wants to continue to wear a mask on flights can do so.

In the first phase, masks will no longer be mandatory on domestic flights in the UK – including routes to Jersey, but not including flights to and from Scotland – as well as on international flights between the UK and Denmark, Gibraltar, Iceland and Hungary.

“Our objective is to progressively remove the mask requirement on other international routes when both ends of the route do not have this legal requirement”, adds easyJet, in the information released by Travel Weekly.

easyJet also clarifies that it will only lift the obligation to wear a face mask on board on flights to countries where this requirement has ceased to exist, while in the others this condition remains, as the airline guarantees that it will continue to comply with existing legal requirements in each country.

The airline, however, asks European governments to seek a coordinated approach to this issue, in order to make existing requirements “easier and clearer” for its passengers.