After more than 30 years working in Saint-Tropez, France, building luxury properties and developing the entire region, Joaquim Pires, CEO of the SERIP Group, is now working in Portugal, his home country that he has always been committed to promoting.

Besides being a businessman, Joaquim Pires is also the honorary consul of Portugal in Nice. Through this title, the government gave him the power to issue passports and identity cards. “We even have a consulate where we have civil registration,” he said.

In addition, he was appointed by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, as a commander of the Portuguese Republic. “I am connected to the concerns of Portuguese people living in France,” he added.

Dreams of being an architect

The son of Portuguese parents, Joaquim Pires moved to France when was only six months old, fleeing a country that was under dictatorship at the time. As he grew up, he decided he wanted to become an architect, but life forced him to change his plans.

“My dream was to become an architect, but I couldn't because my father had a big accident and I had to start working early,” he said. Despite not having graduated in architecture, he ended up designing several houses and he has currently built more than 600 houses with around 1,500 square metres each and over 300 swimming pools.

Promoting Portugal to the world

Among construction, real estate, electricity and plumbing companies, this highly successful entrepreneur owns around 60 companies, where he employs many Portuguese people in France. “90 percent of my staff are Portuguese”. In addition, Joaquim Pires selects Portuguese products whenever possible in all his businesses. By way of example, it was he who made the Portuguese stone known, being the first to bring it to France.

This has not been the only way he has worked to support his home country as alongside his main businesses, he also set up companies to bring a taste of Portugal to France. “I created a Portuguese bakery and then a Portuguese supermarket”.

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