According to the official, who recently participated in a conference in Tenerife, Spain, the increase does not, however, affect prices for summer this year, since the main companies in the sector had already negotiated contracts in advance and protected against the potential increase in fuel.

“We haven't seen holiday prices go up that much because hotel contracts are in place”, explained the official, quoted by Travel Weekly.

Steve Heapy revealed that, in the case of, the value of fuel is protected for this summer, “regardless of what happens with prices”, so the British airline will not, he guaranteed, increase the prices of air tickets this summer.

However, the CEO of predicts that the price increase will continue in the summer of next year, because, he said, the rise in the cost of living will probably “stay around for a while longer”.

In his opinion, it is not just airlines that will be forced to raise prices, as the hotel industry is also dealing with an increase in food prices and higher taxes.

“We must all do what we can in the coming weeks to get as many bookings as possible for the summer of 2023,” he warned, assuring that will not introduce any fuel surcharge to deal with the rise in oil prices.