“We will start processing refunds during the first half of April”, said António Mendonça Mendes in statements to Lusa regarding the start of the new IRS campaign, which starts this Friday, April 1, and lasts until June 30.

For the Secretary and State for Tax Affairs, “there is no reason” for this year not to return to the reimbursement deadlines observed in the pre-pandemic period and that “these are deadlines that are around about 17 days on average”, after delivery of the declaration.

This number, he said, results from the average time between 11 and 12 days for processing the automatic IRS refunds and between 19 and 20 days for the manual IRS.

Stressing the speed with which the AT has been dealing with the processing of IRS refunds over the last few years, the official recalls, however, that the delivery of the annual declaration can be made over three months, with no need for a “race” during the first days of the campaign.