You can just get Happy right now! No need to wait for anything specific to happen. No  momentous changes must take place. The secret is to let go of what you think you need to  make your life better. It is quite simple. Getting happy is a lifestyle. It is important what you  spend your time doing and who you spend it with. It is important how you think and how you see yourself and the world.

Let go 

The inclusion of spiritual principles and letting go of what we think ‘Happy’ should look like  is simple, though not always easy. Letting go of expectation makes space for all the beauty of the Universe. When we judge our experiences instead of accepting them, we corrupt our emotions and life feels like a petulant struggle. Letting go is key. Let go of all the stuff that you cannot control. 

So, what can you not control? 

You cannot control people, places, or things. Clearly, that does not leave much else. 
Learning to trust in the Universe releases you from the illusion that you can control anything outside of yourself. This is how we reach peace of mind and fill ourselves with true joy. Let me say this again TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE!

The happiness choice

Happiness is a choice. It is a belief system. You can encode yourself to be happy, joyous, and live in Grace. That does not exclude you from painful life experiences. Rather we accept that dualism is the nature of the Universe and part of what enables joy. We experience a happier life and process pain in real time in a healthful way. 
Awareness and responsibility are essential in getting happy. The key is to work on ourselves and accept responsibility for our future. Taking responsibility for your own happiness removes victim mentality and gets us out of the ego-fed pity-party. Victimhood is a secondary negative response to pain and suffering which extend and escalate our misery. 
Realising that other people are not responsible for our wellbeing or happiness and learning that no one else is responsible for how you respond to life is revolutionary.


To various degrees, most people suffer some form of trauma. There are effective ways to overcome the responses. Acceptance is not that trauma does not exist, rather that we are responsible now, for healing and growing from it.

Getting control of our emotional life can be challenging when we have stacked trauma upon trauma or living stuck in negative repetitive cycles. Making changes can be hard but it can also be fun, interesting, and fascinating. It is definatly not boring! If you are bored by the idea of your own personal evolution, then you have a problem. Remember that the greatest pleasure of your life is getting to be you so learn to love it.

You are not to blame for your trauma, but you are responsible now for the healing of it. 
Damaged people, damage people. To heal yourself is a gift to everyone and a contribution to society. Every heart ache can be used as fertiliser to produce the highest states of living. Finding a way to move through pain and trauma can seem overwhelming. What better than to ask for guidance from the entire Universe. Therapy or trauma informed coaching can also aid the drive of change. 

Big choices

You have a choice. Into the darkness of self-pity and recycled patterns or into the light of healing. Both hurt. One way transcends you the other way decays you. Healing needs self-love and compassion. You cannot heal yourself from a place of brutal criticism. The only way to heal is through cultivating compassion for oneself. One effective method is to do inner-child healing.