It is called an interference pattern and is really what makes waves different. Waves can add and subtract from each other. Matter, as we understand it, cannot.

The pattern on the wall was an interference pattern. The light was clearly a wave. But through what? It was a wave in space? There is nothing in space?

More confusing

It only became more confusing. Because until that time, scientists were fairly certain light was a particle. Now, they had proof it’s a wave that interferes with itself.

If you imagine a wave in a pool going into a wall with two vertical slits cut into it. If the other side was open, the wave would create an interference pattern. Some waves would add up to large constructive peaks, and others would subtract and negate each other.
Light and particles such as electrons shot out of electron guns all created the same effect. It was all waves.

But, in 1927 we figured out how to shoot single electrons. Let's shoot one electron through one of the slits and see what happens then. There was a wave interference pattern? The single electron interfered with itself? How did it interfere with itself if there was just one electron?

So they decided to detect which way the electron went, using an aptly named which-way detector. Because if it interferes with itself it must somehow go through both slits right?

When we turn on the detector, we detect a single electron going through one of the slits which makes sense. But, now we don't get a wave interference pattern. We get a particle pattern? That is confusing.

So let's turn off the detector we think. That can't have any effect. The detector has been carefully isolated from the system. When we turn it off, the pattern goes back to a wave pattern.

When we turn the detector on, we detect the electron and it goes back to a particle pattern.
It must be a problem with the experiment we keep telling ourselves to this day. Unbelievable. When we observe or measure the path of the electron it stops behaving like a wave and appears to render into a particle.

It also doesn't matter if we know in the future. If we will ever know the path of the electron then it renders as a particle. Does this mean backward information passage is possible?

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

This is the basis of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the supposed cause of Schrodinger making the ridiculous dead/alive cat in the box analogy. You can't observe it and have your wave too. A quantum version of the wave is always cleaner on the other side.
Enough nerdy science humour.

The results of these experiments go against everything we understand about the world. Normally we observe reality and write down the results. We assume we are measuring a firm reality. In this case, however, when we observe the system, the answer changes.

All of our major experts are baffled by the double-slit results. Einstein himself was baffled by a related spooky action at a distance.

Current quantum mechanics mathematics are ridiculous. We can barely resolve a few particles with our maths. They create “infinite dimensions”, many degrees of freedom in string theories and crazy geometric theories. But what if it’s just as simple as the mind can affect matter? What if we are more wave than we realise and consciousness is somehow the link?

Mind bending

If this isn’t ridiculous enough, we bring you to the final and most mind-bending experiment. This experiment was done between 2012 and 2014, involving 5,000 human sessions and 7,000 robot sessions.

The scientists had people meditate 2m from a laser double-slit experiment. Since it is too small to see, the test subjects were to imagine they were observing which way the light went. The results proved with 5sigma deviation (5 standard deviations) to be effective at collapsing the wavefunction.

So, they didn’t believe the results and did another experiment online. During an online test, the subjects were to imagine which way it was going. The results again confirmed they could affect the experiment independent of distance. Independent of distance!

If these results are reproducible, then it could show a link between the base reality of physics and consciousness, or at least our brains. The subjects who could meditate were more effective.

Our current model of the world starts with a base of Physics, which allows chemistry, which allows biology, which allows psychology, and supposedly consciousness. Since our thoughts come from our highly developed brain. The problem is this allows no link between consciousness and physics, at least it has to go through many layers of informational substrate.

The author of the Study Dr. Dean Radin recommended that consciousness could be the base layer. Physics would then be on top of that, chemistry, biology, psychology.

Everything is conscious

This would imply that everything is conscious, down to the single electron. It would also potentially explain the medium of nothing. How does light travel through nothing? Surely there is something there, something we don’t understand. But these results have been around for more than 200 years, maybe we just need to think a little differently about the problem.

This model of consciousness at the base is an “idealism” philosophy. I currently favour analytic idealism, but there is still much to learn.
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