“It is evident that only you and I know that they are not working yet, but most people in Lisbon do not know”, said the president of the Automóvel Club de Portugal (ACP), Carlos Barbosa, in statements to the Lusa agency.

The ACP is “completely in agreement” with the installation of new fixed radars in the city of Lisbon, as is the Auto-Mobilized Citizens Association (ACA-M) which considers that investment in equipment is late.

“The Association of Self-Mobilized Citizens welcomes these radars and we hope that they work and that the time for the fine to arrive at the offenders is as short as possible, because there are many studies that point out that the shorter the time for the punishment for the act, the better and more effective the system is”, declared Mário Alves, representative of ACA-M.

Also according to Mário Alves, although speeding is “a scourge in Portuguese cities”, the number of fines per million inhabitants in other European countries is “about 10 times more” than in Portugal.

The 41 new vehicle speed control radars, 20 of which in new locations and the rest to replace old equipment, result from an investment of 2.142 million euros by the Lisbon City Council, undertaken in the previous term, under the presidency of Fernando Medina (PS).