On 14 April Ryanair inaugurated its base in Madeira, which has been operational since March 29 and has the operation of two planes and more than 80 weekly flights for Summer 2022, representing in an investment of 200 million dollars, which will create 60 direct jobs in the region.

According to a statement from Ryanair, the new Madeira base will provide more than 80 flights a week in the summer, including the connections of the 10 new routes that the airline has announced and which will connect Madeira to Dublin, London, Paris, Milan, Manchester, Brussels, Marseille, Lisbon, Porto and Nuremberg.

Increasing tourism

“Ryanair's new base represents its commitment to increasing tourism in Madeira, improving connectivity and securing jobs in the local economy. It also demonstrates the airline's ability to quickly rebuild the tourism industry in Portugal, providing more than 80 weekly flights, including four exclusive routes, with the lowest possible fares, highlighting Madeira as a leading low cost tourist destination.”

At the inauguration of Ryanair's new base, the airline's CEO, Eddie Wilson, was present, as well as the CEO of ANA|VINCI Airports, Thierry Ligonnière, the president of Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo, and the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture of Madeira, Eduardo Jesus.

“Ryanair is committed to supporting the recovery of tourism in Portugal, after two summers affected by the pandemic”, guaranteed Eddie Wilson on the occasion, considering that the opening of this base and the introduction of these new routes from Madeira demonstrate Ryanair’s commitment “in increasing connectivity” in the region.

Thierry Ligonnière highlighted the importance of Ryanair's investment in Madeira, stressing that the low-cost airline “operates in 11 airports in the VINCI network and is the second largest airline operating in the ANA airport network”, with five bases in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Ponta Delgada and now also in Madeira.

“The development of Madeira's air connectivity enhances the diversification of tourist markets, which is so important for the recovery and growth of tourism in the region. This is yet another example of ANA|VINCI Airports' strong commitment to promoting the economic and sustainable development of the regions. Along with the development of routes, we remain committed to implementing environmental initiatives that materialize the commitment to decarbonisation”, said the CEO of ANA|VINCI Airports.


The president of Turismo de Portugal highlighted “the increase and diversification of routes to the various regions”, stating that “the collaboration between public and private entities, namely with ANA Aeroportos and the Regions, has guaranteed the operation and the growth of airline operations with the aim of ensuring greater connectivity, resilience and diversification of markets”.

“With this operation in Madeira, Ryanair contributes to ensuring the resumption of tourist activity by making it easier for tourists to access the region. The outbound markets are also diversifying, which certainly contributes to reducing dependence on the traditional markets of this region, since there are now connections to France, Ireland, Belgium and Italy”, said Luís Araújo.