They're looking for countries where they can live a healthy, sustainable life while making sure they’re making a valuable investment toward their children’s future. This is where Portugal comes in.

Thanks to its sustainable policies on the ecosystem, environment, and people, Portugal stands out among its counterparts. Here are some of the policies that draw people to beautiful Portugal.

Good Environment for Children

Portugal is one of the first countries that comes to mind when families want to live in Europe. Apart from its well-preserved environment, the country’s effort to improve water quality is a major reason for eco-friendly families. Portugal has taken concrete steps to make sure water quality complies with global health standards. This is only one example of how residents benefit from Portugal's emphasis on sustainability.

Portugal ranks 16th on the Global Sustainability Index. It is among the first countries in the world to have set a target for carbon neutrality by 2050. Also, its Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality shows a strong commitment to ensuring a secure and affordable energy transition.

Funds for Healthcare and Social Protection

Portugal endured the pandemic with a high level of public debt. Despite this, the country delivered many economic support packages to its residents. One of these packages is called the Economic and Social Stabilization project, which provided funds for healthcare and social protection.

The stance of the Portuguese Government throughout this period is very promising for prospective residents. Many people I’ve spoken to say that Portugal's healthcare and how the government tackled the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the reasons why they’ve chosen Portugal over other countries in Europe. This is especially the case with prospective retirees from the US.

Best of Both Worlds

Portugal is a country that offers the best of two worlds. Period. I call it a sanctuary where you can enjoy the cosmopolitan city life in the morning and find yourself laying down at a world-class beach in the afternoon. This is something very difficult to find, even in Mediterranean countries. Many British and Americans I talk to say that they appreciate how easy it is to access the city even when they live in the countryside. They can spare time for their hobbies, giving them the ideal setting to start a new life.

Portugal is home to many cities and municipalities that place great emphasis on the environment. Lagos is one of them. More than 60 percent of its territory is designated as a natural conservation area, and all of its beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. The municipality is committed to preserving local traditions, legacy, and culture which add to the quality of life. Cascais is another location that promotes sustainability. Cascais municipality has been promoting the use of sustainable mobility by providing free bicycles to inhabitants at various sites. They also organize guided tours to increase awareness of coastal biodiversity.

It is critical that all of us, as individuals, consider ways to make our lives more sustainable in order to protect our planet now and in the future. Portugal seems to have achieved this and it’s no coincidence that it’s the first choice for those who are looking for a more sustainable life.

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Murat Coskun

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