This follows a petition which has been signed by over 8,000 people asking for a reduction in the rate of this tax by 23 % to 6%.

The petition emphasises that “veterinary acts are taxed at 23%, thus being considered a luxury” and asks that the Government, within the scope of the State Budget, contemplates the reduction to a reduced rate.

“Luxury goods”

Pedro Filipe Soares, deputy from BE, stressed that the legislation passed in parliament provides for the obligation to promote animal welfare, but, at the same time, considers that the “expenses to fulfil this obligation are not luxury goods.

According to Pedro Frazão from Chega, in Portugal medicines “have 0% VAT, even alternative medicines” and only veterinary medicine is taxed at such a high rate.

“The State burdens families, some of them with very few possessions, with a thirst for taxation, and even associations and municipalities are not exempt from this taxation”, lamented Pedro Frazão.

For the PAN spokesperson, Inês de Sousa Real, it is “incomprehensible” that in Portugal “exemption is given to those who mistreat animals”, pointing to the example of bullfighting, but that animal protection associations “do not have access to services at affordable prices and have to pay VAT at the maximum rate”.

“It's not just a matter of luxury goods. It is a matter of moralising public policies, in particular, fiscal policies”, underlined the deputy.