This means that renting a house had a median cost of 11.1 euros per square meter (euros/m2) at the end of April this year, according to the idealista price index. In relation to the quarterly variation, the increase was 2.1% and the annual one, 0.5%.

Going through the data by district capitals, it is clear that the price of houses for rent rose in eight district capitals, with Viseu leading the rise (6.8%). This is followed by Leiria (6.5%), Aveiro (3.5%), Braga (3.1%), Faro (2.6%), Viana do Castelo (1.4%), Funchal ( 1%) and Lisbon (0.3%).

What the data also shows us is that houses for rent have become cheaper in five district capitals. The biggest drop of all was registered in Castelo Branco (-5.3%), followed by Ponta Delgada (-2.6%), Coimbra (-0.6%), Setúbal (-0.4%) and Porto ( -0.2%).