Historically, production methods have not always been the most sustainable, with animal testing carried out, as well as not-so-healthy materials being used. However this is not true of every company, including Planeta Mulher products.

Planeta Mulher “is a makeup brand that originated from a television and radio program”, according to Emanuele Revert, one of the founders of the brand. Emanuele's mother, Claudine Lourenço, hosts a television and radio program named Planeta Mulher on AzoresTV. In this context, Emanuele’s aunt had the idea of ​​launching a brand that could be related to “smiles, happiness, female empowerment, sustainability and respect for the planet.”

Against oppression

The Planeta Mulher brand emerged in the Azores, which produces vegan make-up, while “honouring the fight against the oppression and dictatorship of beauty in our society.” All product colours have a feminine name, intending to honour all women.

One of the founders of Planeta Mulher told The Portugal News that the employees who sell the products receive, in addition to technical training, training for personal development and learning strategies in “personal marketing, entrepreneurship and public speaking.” To help female employees achieve “financial independence.”

Currently, Planeta Mulher has available several colours of lipstick and liquid lipstick, two eye shadow palettes, mascara and lip-gloss. All products, colours and designs are designed by a team of three who are responsible for areas such as commercial, marketing and administration. To produce the products, a factory is contacted, formulas made in Germany are picked, and then the new product is made. In the future, Planeta Mulher hopes to launch skin products, having “a vast diversity of colours so that all women can find products suitable for their skin tone”.

High praise

Emanuele Revert says that “the feedback has been quite good.” As a rule, customers always come back to buy another product, saying that they do so for the “incredible quality, pigmentation and long-lasting nature” of the cosmetic products. In addition to that, Planeta Mulher products have already been praised by makeup artists who work for Netflix and have more than 20 years in the industry. Influencers and television personalities have also shown their liking for the brand, including Sofia Aparício and Merche Romero.

Manu, as Emanuele is called by her friends and family, is a young woman still finishing her degree who already has the responsibility of managing a family business. Manu told The Portugal News that since she was a child she was “amazed by makeup”, so Planeta Mulher is a dream come true. Emanuele also feels that the company has improved some of her qualities, such as “responsibility and perseverance.”

Emanuele Revert dreams of seeing Planeta Mulher “as an internationally recognised and admired brand.” The internationalisation of the brand is currently being carried out and countries such as Brazil, Canada and Cape Verde are already part of the Azorean brand's export plans.

The products are sold on the brand’s official website https://planetamulhermakeup.com/ . On Instagram and Facebook, the brand may be found @planetamulhermakeup.