UFE Monde, recognised as a public interest organisation, was created in 1923 and has its headquarters in Paris: it is in other words an old lady!

The goals of this organisation have not changed and can be summarised by the motto "so that no French person feels alone abroad". This implies values of welcoming, solidarity, mutual aid, conviviality, and participation in the promotion of France.

UFE Monde has spread in more than 100 countries through 170 local representations: in Portugal, for example, there are 3 representations (Centre-West, Lisbon and the most important one in Algarve with between 1,100 and 1,300 paying members depending on the year).

UFE ALGARVE therefore claims to be the most important organisation of "affiliated" French expats. The sociological change of the French community shows more than ever the usefulness of a solidarity attitude.

The strength of an organisation to be recognised by local authorities is the number of its members and partners: therefore, we do a lot of local activities to attract and especially help our members. Let's be clear, we are not a charity like Rotary, Lions, etc. We take care of French speakers and help them as much as we can. Sometimes we also contribute to great local Portuguese causes (hospital equipment, firemen needs, food banks and so forth).

The period of Covid-19 saw our actions slow down but we tried to maintain contact by informing about the evolution of Covid-19 in Portugal: proof that our efforts were appreciated in this last year we saw the number of our members increase despite the forced calm of activities.

UFE Monde was so pleased with our actions that, in addition of having a seat on the Board of Directors, we were elected for a place as "vice-president world" in the executive committee. This nomination was well appreciated here in Portugal, as it is a recognition of the dynamism of our team.

For the years to come, if the health situation allows it, we will continue our traditional activities and especially be present in the radiance of France in the historical field (cf. the arrival of the Hermione in Portimão) in the cultural field (ballets, French theater festival and so on), in targeted conferences on legislative and administrative aspects, etc., all of this participating in the social link between the French and French-speaking immigrants in Portugal.

We invite those who wish to know more about our organisation to visit our website " ufe-algarve.org " or to contact us at contact.algarve@ufe.org.