The new hotel, called Portalegre Palace, is located in the centre of the Alentejo city and the project was developed by businessman Helder Martins and his family, after the acquisition, in 2018, of the property, built by Viscount of Reguengo General Jorge de Avilez Juzarte de Souza Tavares.

“The idea was not to have new projects in the city, but to recover heritage that already exists, that was devalued, vacant”, explained the general director of the hotel unit, Nelson Carvalho.

In addition to being a building “with history”, Nelson Carvalho stressed that it is a property located in the centre of the city, with a 600 square metre garden, and that the hotel project has a philosophy aimed at families and leisure.

“It's the best of both worlds. We are in the centre of the city, but we have 600 square metres of green and recreational spaces”, he underlined.