The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the Package Travel Directive to check whether the current rules ensure effective consumer protection.

At stake is a Directive which provides for a set of duties and rights in relation to contracts between travellers and operators of package travel and related travel services, setting, for example, the circumstances in which the contract can be cancelled without penalty.

“The Commission is looking for, through a public consultation, information on the Package Travel Directive, namely the experience and opinion of consumers, professionals and stakeholders on the current rules and potential changes”, DECO said.

“This aims to inform citizens and stakeholders about the Commission's work in order to allow them to provide feedback. Citizens and stakeholders are invited to provide views on the Commission's understanding of the current situation, problem and possible solutions and to make available any relevant information that they may have”, reads the public consultation document.

“The Covid-19 pandemic led to mass cancellations of travel bookings, including packages. Due to liquidity problems of organisers, contrary to the Directive, many travellers did not receive refunds or received them only with considerable delay. Several Member States adopted legislation deviating from the Directive, significantly extending the periods for reimbursements or making vouchers mandatory for travellers”, they start to say.

Also, the ongoing analysis will focus on insolvency protection rules and will take into account the relevant actions announced in the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy to protect passengers' rights.

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