The Museum is a historical convent-turned-museum featuring permanent & temporary archaeological and art exhibitions.

The artists participating in the exhibition are local artists Liz Allen, BJ Boulter, Silvía Calveti, Vera Christians, Brigitte von Humboldt, Mary Hurst, Claire Lloyd-Bown, Lotti Klink, Jutta Mertens-Kammler, Betty- Ann Mörelius, Claus von Oertzen, Birte Pröttel, Natasha Singh, Kerstin Wagner and Henryka Woerle.

Despite all our recent challenges as a global community on this planet, Nature is a seemingly limitless and abundant gift which enables us to live on this earth. But, as each decade passes, however advanced a civilisation we become, we move further away from nature. Despite our dependence on technology, we are all still dependent on the natural world.

Climate change and natural disasters such as fires, floods, rising sea levels, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions destroy the forests and ecosystems we depend on, and this exhibition shares a visible message of hope for a sustainable and enduring future for our planet. Art is a fundamental way of communicating visually to a responsive audience. Artists contribute by expressing hope for the new world through their creativity.

Members of the AAN observe, examine and reflect on their relationship, their connection and disconnection with nature in these changing times. Fed by their unique, individual memories, feelings, sensations and experiences they express and communicate through their art, celebrating the eternal beauty and wonders of life in this universe and on this earth, and thereby awaken the viewer to their own experiences, reminding us all that there is always Hope.

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