With celebrations in the UK taking place from 2 to 5 June, many Britons are taking advantage of extended bank holiday to take a mini break away.

According to an analysis by Mabrian, that measures the impact of outbound travel in the United Kingdom, Portugal appears in the list of destinations most searched for in Europe by Britons.

According to Mabrian, the recent search for airline tickets from the United Kingdom to destinations such as Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Portugal, shows a clear spike in demand over the weekend before the date of celebrations and holidays, followed by a fall in all destinations.

In the measurement of demand carried out by Mabrian, Portugal appears behind Spain, Italy, Turkey and Greece. Spain is the clear choice of destination for Brits looking to travel, with 12.09 per million of all searches performed, followed by Italy with 5.37, Turkey, Greece and Portugal with 4.44, 4.30 and 4.16 respectively.

This demand for these destinations is not, according to Mabrian, directly linked to average room prices, with Italy showing the highest average price with €133.84, followed by Greece with €120.65, Spain right behind with €119.28, Portugal not far away at €118.23 and Turkey significantly cheaper at €82.45.

Carlos Cendra, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mabrian, states in the analysis carried out by the consultancy that “normally, at this time of year, there is a constant increase in demand week by week for European sun and beach destinations by the British around the world” as temperatures get warmer and the summer season starts properly.”

However, says the official, “this year's mega weekend holiday, thanks to the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee, has created a boost in demand, with a clear preference of travellers to take the whole week off and benefit from nine days instead of just three”.