The group of six men and a woman, aged between 17 and 20, was investigated for half a year for suspected drug trafficking among the student community in several municipalities in the district of Bragança, as reported by the District Command of Bragança of the GNR, in a statement.

With the arrest of the suspects, the GNR believes it has dismantled a drug trafficking network that operated next to the Bragança, Macedo de Cavaleiros and Vimioso teaching establishments, “as well as in nightlife spaces mainly sought after by young students”.

The group was arrested during the execution, on Tuesday, of eight warrants to search homes and vehicles, which also resulted in the seizure of various material related to the crime of drug trafficking.

The GNR military seized “65 grams of cannabis, three doses of hashish, five MDMA tablets, various material used in cutting, weighing and packaging narcotic products and 286 euros in cash”.

According to the GNR, some of the detainees have “criminal records for illicit acts of the same nature” and all of them will be present at the Macedo de Cavaleiros court.