Last year, the CEO’s of the main Portuguese companies listed on the national stock exchange received, on average, 32 times more than the workers of these companies, according to a ranking by Proteste Investe, Deco's magazine and reported by Renaissance radio.

The CEO of Jerónimo Martins, Pedro Soares dos Santos, leads the list, having received more than €3 million in 2021, which represents an increase of 19.3% compared to 2020 and an amount almost 263 times higher than the average of salaries of employees of the owner of Pingo Doce.

This is followed by Cláudia Azevedo, leader of Sonae, who received €1.6 million in 2021, that is, a value 77% higher than the average salary of her workers.

In third place is Gonçalo Moura Martins, CEO of Mota-Engil, whose annual remuneration is 73.3 times higher than the average salary charged by the construction company.

In addition to 14 of the 15 listed companies present in the PSI, this ranking also analyses Cofina, Impresa and Novabase that are in the PSI Geral.