As a result, before jumping ship, I conducted extensive research on Blacktower, and my findings were as follows:


Blacktower combines a global infrastructure, as evidenced by its presence in 15 countries worldwide. Through its local offices, Blacktower intends to be part of the communities it serves. Blacktower has over 250 people working worldwide, however, in the office in Lisbon it feels like I’ve become part of a small family. A small family where we can work together to advance the interests of our clients, rather than merely our own individual interests. A small family that understands and works with the community and the country that the community is part of.

Short-term gain, long-term pain

For many things in life, unfortunately there is a trade-off between the short-term and the long-term. Spending your afternoon at the beach or hard at work, is one of the classic examples. That trade-off is also very prevalent when it comes to a client’s financial situation. How much can one spend versus how much should one save in order to maintain one’s desired lifestyle after retirement?

As a financial advisor, I see myself there primarily to assist my clients with finding the right balance in that trade-off, so that they can enjoy the short-term without worrying about the long-term. This would not only be reflected in finding the optimum balance between spending and saving, but also very much in the decision with respect to what to do with the savings and in finding the right tax-efficient strategy.

In order to be able to do that, I wanted to join a firm that would similarly reward long-term client relationships and not merely short-term gains at the expense of the clients. A firm that offers a wide range of high-quality products that I can present to my clients in order to meet each individual’s idiosyncratic long-term financial goals. Blacktower stands above the market in both respects.

A strong range of funds and solutions

Blacktower work with several highly reputable and well-established fund managers with model portfolios offering global diversification across multi assets and equities and discretionary fund managers who offer bespoke investment services for those clients keen on having a bespoke investment portfolio constructed for them.

My reputation in the market is everything to me and so it is for Blacktower’s. By teaming up, I am able to offer my clients what is most important to me: to provide them with the advice that allows them to be financially prepared for the future, achieve their financial aspirations and realise some dreams.

My family and I are convinced that to continue our lives living in beautiful Portugal has been the right decision for us and I’m convinced that teaming up with Blacktower has been the right decision in the interest of my clients. Are you ready to make the decision that is right for you?

Contact us in the Lisbon office to review how we can be of assistance +351 214 648 220.