Graham Cross, a member of the AAA, will be presenting a brief history of seafaring in the ancient Mediterranean and will cover a number of topics. These include the expansion and exploration of the Phoenicians, developments in Greece and the role of triremes in the repulse of Persian invasions. He will also talk about the Athenian maritime empire, the puzzle of the precise construction of the trireme and the later developments of multi-oared naval vessels in the eastern Mediterranean. Graham will explore the maritime elements of the struggle between Rome and Carthage, trade under the Roman Empire and the role of the navy in protecting the empire and expanding it in Northern Europe.

Graham Cross works as a technical and legal translator. He has had a lifelong amateur interest in history and archaeology, having assisted in the excavation of the Roman legionary fortress at Chester, UK in the 1960s and being a member of the Chester Archaeological Society for over 40 years. Graham is also a qualified yachtmaster with an interest in and practical experience of sailing traditional working sailing craft.

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Please note that the AAA takes a summer break from the lecture programme until October, but have a few activities planned for the summer months.