A new bistro in Silves does what seems impossible: offering high quality inventive pastries, artisanal bread and star quality lunches. And all this by only two people Rui Moreira and his partner Maria Loubet.

Breakfast tray

What is most probably the best bread in Silves is made every day entirely by Maria; always perfect, but a bit different – multi cereals, with beer, with nuts, etc.

Everything is homemade and well presented

Several of the lunch dishes are exceptional, with the beef being Michelin star quality. Rui gets the famous “Carne do Marão” beef from a friend in the North where he hails from. This dish with a generous portion of vegetables and home fried crisps for only €13/person. There is always a vegetarian dish such as a delicious Stroganoff Seitan or a dish with Bulgur.

Meat topper

It is the only place in Silves where you can enjoy a very aromatic “Buondi” coffee with a fine pastry from the North or a homemade “Pasteis de Nata” not to mention the superb “chocolate mousse” made with Belgian chocolate!

Large variety of soups

The divine quality of everything on offer and the very good service compensates for the somewhat simple interior, and the difficult parking.

Written by a regular customer

PÃO & COISAS, R. João de Deus Edifício LAGAR 2 Loja A, Silves; Tel number 918 951 619