CEO of the Splendour Luxury Group, Nelleke Bos, explained that “Regarding the hi­gh-end rental market, at the moment it is noticeable that there is much more demand than before.” Adding that “it is popular among EU citizens as well as people using for example a D7 Visa as they do not have the requirements to get their visa through property investment so they can opt to immediately start renting. High-end rentals are in high demand and there are not enough quality products.”

Nelleke also explained that they acquire long-term rental solutions from four thousand euros a month to up to 25 thousand a month with residential houses to mansions available. “We source properties through our network which is in many cases off-market. Our priority is to make sure it works well for both parties.”

In addition to long-term rental solutions, Nelleke affirmed that “The high-end property market is actually an open door for a really good investment, with a fixed return opportunity because people are constantly moving to Portugal and certain areas are in very high demand of good quality products.” Adding that “For example in areas where there are a lot of international schools there is a great demand to live in those areas but there is a lack of good product.”

Further sharing that “buying dated properties that have the possibility of becoming really high end is a great investment opportunity. If you have a quality product that is for the high-end rental market, I can assure you that will go really fast.” There are properties in beautiful locations, but because they are dated, these properties do not have the same quality as we require nowadays but we can transform these properties ready for the rental market.” Sometimes this requires new windows or a new kitchen and bathrooms, whereas in other cases an interior can be sufficient.

Splendour Real Estate fully manages the project planning with a professional design team who are fully equipped in refurbishing and furnishing. Additionally, “we are unique because of our network of contacts and are able to find these special rentals in the high-end market if that is what you are in need of but also, we successfully manage investments.”

“In regards to foreign investors who are interested in sourcing high-end properties but would like to do the investment in a different currency, we also guide them through this process.” Most significantly, Splendour Real Estate has a very secure investment method, with Nelleke explaining that “we have a partner assisting with money conversion transactions and gives a fixed rate so there are no surprises at the end.”

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