Scott Wilson Jr., 25, and Nadine Jandu, 24, from Fife in Scotland, decided to volunteer for the cause after coming across a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign by the non-profit’s founder, Hanan El Gacham.

“When I stumbled upon the Autism's Dunya profile, I just had to reach out,” Wilson said in a statement. “The more we spoke the more I realised just how much I really believed in what she was trying to do for these children and the people around them”.

Ms. Jandu, on the other hand, decided to take up the challenge after being inspired by her partner’s decision, saying: “When [Scott] told me about Autism’s Dunya, it melted my heart. I felt inspired. We are a team, so of course I had to take this journey with him”.

The non-profit was established in 2018 and aims to “challenge the lack of services around early intervention and diagnosis” in Morocco.

The journey will take place in three countries: Portugal, then Spain, and finally: Morocco. The couple will stop in 30 towns over the course of 30 days, starting in Lisbon. From there, they will head down the west coast of Portugal, before trekking across a number of towns in the Algarve.

They’ll cross into Spain on the 17th day of their journey. On day 27, they’ll catch a boat from Tarifa in Spain to Tangier in Morocco, before making the final push toward the final destination on the journey: Larache.

More information about the cause can be found on the Autism’s Dunya website, while those who wish to follow Scott and Nadine’s journey can follow the hashtag #Walking2Morocco.

Donations can be made to Autism’s Dunya here.