Temperatures in Portugal are already beginning to show signs of the arrival of summer. This, at a time when the weak signs of precipitation in Portugal during the month of June should contribute to the increase of areas in extreme drought.

According to ECO/Capital Verde, the Instituto do Mar e da Atmosphere (IPMA) reveals that the forecasts for the month of June suggest “rainfall values ​​lower than normal, which is why it is It is expected, at the end of the month, a worsening of the intensity of the meteorological drought throughout the territory”.

In the same note, the entity emphasises that there will be “an increase in the area in extreme drought”, this after the meteorological drought index (PDSI) revealed that, in May, 97% of the territory was in a situation of “severe drought” with 1.5% in moderate drought and 1.4% in extreme drought. At the end of April, 8.5% of mainland Portugal was in a mild drought and 4.3% in a severe drought. At the time, there were no areas in extreme drought.

Asked whether these periods will be similar to the one seen at the beginning of the year, when the entire national territory was in a state of aggravated drought, the IPMA considers it "premature" to make this comparison, and this will only be possible when the current meteorological drought period ends.