The western Algarve is generally defined as starting in Lagos, and stretches along the beautiful and rugged coast all the way to the most south-westerly point in Europe, Sagres.

A number of factors have helped to keep this jewel of the Algarve off the radar of less savvy buyers but increasingly this area is becoming a mecca for spectacular luxury homes and property buyers who are looking to invest in an area that is unique, not only to the Algarve but to Portugal as a whole.

The slower pace of development has allowed the area to maintain both its traditional charm in villages such as Selema and Burgau, while protecting the natural environment. This means that in the western Algarve you are able to enjoy more space, fewer neighbours and the all-important touch of the authentic Algarve.

Where less is more

Less is more here in the west, thanks to all the undeveloped space you can still find properties with sweeping views of the coastline, while also being close to all the amenities that are important; golf courses, high quality gastronomy, great schools and a broad range of shops to meet all your needs.

The city of Lagos is increasingly desirable thanks to its blend of the old and the new, the laid back vibe and eclectic mix of national and foreign residents. In the summer it is bustling with life, with the cobbled streets filled with diners and travellers soaking up the atmosphere and entertainment. In the winter, you will find a slower pace of life, but thanks to the large resident population there is never the exodus found in other developments in the Algarve at this time of the year, making ideal for year round visits or living.

Beaches are obviously key in the Algarve and the west has the best of all worlds, with the coves and caves then making way for stretches of beach that seem to stretch beyond the horizon. Whether you are looking to lap up the sunshine, or take to the waves on your surf board, there really is something for everyone.

If you are looking to invest in the Algarve then take the time to travel a little further and go west to find your perfect property.