I don’t know about you, but architecture is something that always takes some time getting used to when moving abroad. When searching for the tick-all-the-boxes home for yourself in Portugal, did you consider the language would present similar aspects?

Why not spend some time observing the general aspect of a Portuguese house and ask yourself: how is it different to the ones back home? Doing this ‘anatomy scan’ really saves for surprises down the road.

While you’re at it, tune your ears to any sounds that may come out from the inside. No need to understand what is being said, but truth be told, a lot can be done with that auditory information! Start making those sounds familiar to your ears.

Then it’s time to get in. Admittedly the biggest, and probably the most boring part of the house, take your time in the living-room to notice patterns of behaviour.

When you manage to get in the kitchen, then you know your Portuguese has reached a new level: you can chitchat, perhaps even gossip. Things are warming up.

Upstairs is when you get to talk about feelings, or topics that really interest you (think of the teenager’s bedroom walls, covered in posters of... cars, let’s say).

The bathroom is there for the necessary break(s) - what a relief!

The attic, if you ever get there, may entertain any philosophy or history lovers.

Where are you in the house of Portuguese?

If you have enjoyed this quick lesson and would like to learn more Portuguese outside of the box, then please contact Catarina from The Language Unschool - catarina@thelanguageunschool.com