Despite not having nearly the same numbers as Germany and the United Kingdom, Portugal is in the Top 10 of the European countries with the most cancelled flights, according to a report from Mabrian.

Regarding flights booked from June 14 to July 5, to fly between July 1 and 15, with origin and destination within the European space, Germany tops the list with close to 1,500 cancelled flights, corresponding to 6.12% of total scheduled flights.

In second place in this ranking is the United Kingdom, with 1,060 cancelled flights, which is equivalent to 3.20% of all flights scheduled for the period under analysis.

Portugal appears in ninth place, according to Mabrian with 116 cancelled flights, which means a cancellation rate of 1.25%.

Carlos Cendra, Director of Sales & Marketing at Mabrian, states that “although the absolute numbers are high, in general, the percentages of all scheduled flights do not reveal a very worrying impact”.

Carlos Cendra also concludes that, in general in Europe, "companies are finding alternatives for passengers", estimating that "the number of people forced to cancel their plans should be relatively low".