Data released by the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, collected at 18:00 on Tuesday, indicate that in 28 temperature measurement stations, “the previous highest values ​​of the maximum temperature for the month of July were exceeded”. In six of these stations the previous absolute extremes were exceeded.

Information on the persistence of very hot weather also indicates values ​​equal to or greater than 30 degrees across practically the entire country, with the exception of Cabo Carvoeiro, Foia and Sagres.

In 85% of the territory, the maximum air temperature was equal to or greater than 35 degrees, while in 40% of the territory there were 40 or more degrees of maximum.

In Leiria (aerodrome) the thermometers reached 44.1 degrees, with the previous extreme maximum in July recorded in 2007 (40.3 degrees). Anadia reached 42.8 degrees, against 42.2 in July 1941.

At the Monção/Valinha station, the IPMA recorded 42.7 degrees, compared to 42 degrees in 1968 (beginning of the series). Ansião reached 42.5 degrees, against 41.2 in 2000 and Zebreira reached 42.1 degrees (42 degrees in 2000).

The current heat wave has hit Santarém for 11 days, Montalegre and Pinhão for nine days, Alvega for eight days and Coruche, Avis and Mora for seven days.

Among the places that have been under the heat wave for six days are Lisbon, Sines, Évora, Elvas, Beja, Castelo Branco, Portalegre, Viseu, Guarda, Fundão, Penhas Douradas, Viana do Alentejo, Amareleja and Mértola, Alcácer do Sal and Setubal.