“When we look at our scheduled flights and all the factors at play we see that we have reached the peak already, we don't need to wait for August, because our peak started in July and the same happened to all airlines due to the rules of the slots,” said Christine Ourmières-Widener.

The manager was speaking to journalists in São Paulo, to mark the increase from two to three weekly flights between Porto (Portugal) and São Paulo (Brazil).

The airlines CEO believes that the “peak” will stabilise until the winter season, ensuring that they are doing “everything they can” in terms of organisation and resources to improve the situation at airports, namely in Lisbon.

The disruptions seen in TAP's operations extend to all airlines in Europe, she stressed, speaking of the “numerous” challenges that this industry faces today.

Fast recovery

“Lisbon is recovering faster than other airports that are recovering more slowly, in two weeks we have already seen improvements”, she said.

This problem, which is transversal to all airlines, is “complex” and has not just one cause, but a “long list” of them, from problems with handling, to a lack of personnel and spare planes, said Christine Ourmières-Widener.

The carrier's CEO stressed that she was making "adjustments" at Lisbon airport to improve the service provided, namely to recruit more cabin staff.

Cancelling flights is not beneficial for any airline, she added, admitting that it will have an impact on TAP's accounts.

Asked about a new airport in Lisbon, the manager said that whatever the Government's decision is, it will be "welcome".

“I have only been in Portugal for a year, the history of the airport started before me, the only thing we think is that we need a vision for TAP and any decision will be welcome for us”.

And she added: “When we know where and when we can prepare and make this a very successful story for TAP and for Portugal of course, but first we need a decision”.