Data from IPMA shows that 13 temperature extremes were reached in the stations of Lousã, Ancião, Mirandela, Monção, Coimbra/Bencanta, Proença-a-Nova, Chaves, Moimenta da Beira, Bragança, Macedo Cavaleiros, Figueira da Foz, Carrazeda of Ansiães and Porto/PR.

According to the observation at the stations of the IPMA network (considered 96 stations on the mainland), on Wednesday, the highest temperatures were recorded in Lousã (46.3°C) and in Santarém (46.2°C - the highest in this season to date was 46.3°C, recorded in August 2018).

In five stations maximum temperatures were recorded at or above 45°C and in about half of the country maximum temperatures at or above 40°C were recorded.

According to the IPMA, maximum air temperature values ​​equal to or greater than 35°C occurred in about 90% of the country and equal to or greater than 30°C in practically the entire territory (except in Cabo Carvoeiro, Sagres and Fóia).

To date, the highest temperature value was recorded in Amareleja, with 47.3°C, on August 1, 2003.

As for the minimum air temperature, on the 13th, values ​​equal to or greater than 25°C were recorded in 10 stations and equal to or greater than 20°C (tropical nights) in about 75% of the stations.

According to the IPMA, this month, the highest value of the minimum temperature was 28.7°C, recorded in Portalegre on the 9th.

The IPMA predicts a gradual decrease in temperature values ​​from today, with the occurrence of tropical nights and hot, very hot and excessively hot days until the 17th.