After analysing more than 300,000 homes for sale and rent in July 2022, the study concludes that Faro and Viseu are the areas where there are more air-conditioned homes are advertised (46% in both cities). And right after that is Braga, where 43% of the houses on the market have this system, followed by Aveiro (35%), Castelo Branco (31%), Lisbon (27%), Santarém (24%), Leiria (22%), Porto (22%), Ponta Delgada (21%), Funchal (20%) and Coimbra (18%).

Although the interior of the Alentejo is where the inhabitants suffer the most from heat waves, Beja only has 16% of houses for sale or for rent with air conditioning. Évora and Portalegre are also among the cities that have fewer houses with this system (9%) and (4%), according to the study.

There are also other Portuguese cities where the supply of houses equipped with air conditioning is scarce: Bragança (4%), Guarda (6%), Vila Real (10%), Setúbal (12%) and Viana do Castelo (12%) .