According to information available on the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority website (ANEPC), at 18:00 today, 1,050 operational personnel were on the ground fighting the fires, supported by 281 vehicles and 21 air assets.

On Saturday, more than 400 operatives were mobilized for the 11 fires then active, a number well below the number recorded on Friday afternoon, when the fight against the flames involved more than 850 firefighters.

The northern and central regions are today the most affected by the fires.

In the municipality of Chaves, district of Vila Real, a fire that started on Friday, at 14:45, in Bustelo, was being fought, at 18:00, by 252 operatives, supported by 77 vehicles and two aerial means.

The mayor of Chaves, Nuno Vaz, told Lusa that there is “a considerable device” on the ground to “defeat a set of re-ignitions that have been happening, because, in fact, given the high temperatures and the wind felt, the fire cannot be considered extinguished”.

“Controlled, yes, but not extinct”, Nuno Vaz told the Lusa agency, at 2:20 pm.

Still in the district of Vila Real, in the municipality of Murça, at 16:35, a fire broke out in the bush, in Cortinhas, in the parish of Carva e Vilares, which is being fought by 98 firefighters, 23 vehicles and an air vehicle.

In the district of Porto, the fire that broke out since this morning in the town of Mafómedes, in the municipality of Baião, was once again active on two fronts.

At 2:30 pm, the fire, which broke out in an area of bush, was identified by the Civil Protection website as "under resolution", but the firefighter commander of Baião, Alexandre Pinto, confirmed its reactivation.

"It is working in an inaccessible area, there are no air resources because we do not want air resources, in the sense that it is not possible to consolidate the work of air resources with land resources, because it is impossible to get there", he explained.

There are 110 men, 30 vehicles and an air vehicle on the ground, according to civil protection.

In the central region, in Leiria, in the municipality of Pombal, a forest fire in the Carnide area (Vale do Feto), which broke out around 2:00 pm today and went into resolution at 5:25 pm, led to the closing of highway 1 ( A1) in both directions, in the Pombal area, for about two hours, having reignited at 17:30.

In the Guarda district, in the municipality of Pinhel, a fire reactivated in the locality of Lameiras and at 17:00, according to a source from the CDOS da Guarda, it was “giving in to the means” and these were being replaced on the ground.

There are 126 men, 35 vehicles and three air assets on the ground.

In the district of Castelo Branco, in the municipality of Fundão, at around 17:00, the CDOS of Castelo Branco informed that the fire that broke out at 14:35, in Fatela, in an area of bush, remained with an active front, not being at-risk populations.

According to the ANEPC website, there are 290 men, 76 vehicles and nine air assets.

As for the subdued fires (10 in resolution and 34 in conclusion), they mobilized 860 operatives, with the support of 258 vehicles and two air assets.