Comedian Milo McCabe’s character Troy Hawke has become famous for taking his Greeters Guild persona to shops around the country, welcoming and waving goodbye to customers, often to the irritation of staff.

However, this time it appeared he had been invited by Premier League champions Man City to greet the players, leaving a number of them baffled including Jack Grealish.

“Welcome to training camp, you have a fabulously symmetrical face,” Hawke said to the England midfielder upon his arrival.

“I have what?” replied Grealish, before asking his colleagues inside “did he say anything to you that guy?”

Hawke had more luck with new signing Kalvin Phillips, saying “welcome to training sir, you have clear eyes and fabulous skin, you’re clearly a master of hydration.”

“I try to be yeah!” replied Phillips, before entering with a smile on his face.

Last up was manager Pep Guardiola, who was on the end of something of a riddle from Hawke.

“Who’s more the pep talker: the pep talker, or the pep talker who gives Pep a pep talk?” asked Hawke.

“Pep pep talker,” Guardiola replied, before hurrying inside.