Speaking with director, Ana Damásio, “Wyndham Grand Algarve Residences offers tailored solutions as well as investment packages with five star serviced residences with 4% annual net return with our whole development having 132 residences ranging from 1 to 2 bedrooms as well as 3-bedroom penthouses, which are available for purchase. Most uniquely, we are currently the only development selling apartments, where you can live in Quinta do Lago all year round with this budget whilst still having access to all the other privileges of Quinta do Lago that other owners have.” Adding that “We only have a very limited number of those exclusive residences, with only 20 units for those purposes.

This a dream opportunity for owners as they can stay in their apartment all year round and they have access to our five-star service, our amazing facilities, our exclusive Owners Club in which owners can benefit from discounts in the hotels facilities as well as outside the resort with a very competitive budget for that kind of location which is the dream package.”

A Secure Investment

When asked what makes these residences a top investment choice, Ana explained that “There are premium services in different locations of the Algarve but what you cannot duplicate is the location. Quinta do Lago is irreplicable and has been unique for nearly 50 years now of development. The fact that our new residences are in the middle of a nature resort means that only 9% of the area of Quinta do Lago is buildable which means in terms of investment you have a development in a place that you cannot build on and on top of that you have the five-star service and exceptional amenities.”

Ana then noted that “In Quinta do Lago, you have a couple of plots to sell for villas but you are not allowed more constructions so for an investor, this is an established location and has proven to be resilient in past real estate crisis’ in Portugal. Due to the fact that it has a very small area that can be built on for villas, there won’t be apartments there so no supply on the pipeline on a resilient and premium location means a very high potential of capital appreciation and a secure choice.”

Additionally, the market of buyers who purchase at this location is varied, investors therefore are not dependent on one market or the local economy with Ana assuring “that you are purchasing in a very international place in which the location has been resilient in premium for over forty years.”

Quinta do Lago has shown the power of its brand and the power of its location over the years and the fact that it is surrounded by nature with no other apartments to be built there in the future. Not forgetting that you have access to world class golf courses, world class facilities including The Campus which a fitness centre for high performance sports as well as a Michelin star chef that has just opened a restaurant in the middle of Quinta do Lago.

Golden Visa Opportunities

Ana expressed that “Our product was not originally designed to cater Golden Visa clients because our main audience is European, but the fact that in January the rules of the Golden Visa changed was also an opportunity for Wyndham Grand Algarve because we are the only development in such a premium location that is eligible for a Golden Visa and this created another opportunity for our buyers who are eligible for Golden Visa.”

The new Golden Visa regime has attracted other nationalities to Wyndham Grand Algarve, mainly Americans as well as purchasers from Russia and the Middle East. With Ana affirming that “This really highlights the incredible opportunity here, these investors who were foreign to the Algarve understood the excellency of our product as well as the location and are coming to invest with Wyndham Grand Algarve Residences.”

Investing in Wyndham Grand Algarve’s Residencies

Investing in Wyndham Grand Algarve’s Residencies is all about effortless ownership and the proximity you have to their exceptional services whereby you have everything in one place, your own outdoor space and even your own storage so as an investor you can come for some weeks, and they keep your storage safe and you come back to your apartment with a little touch of home.

Ana gave an example of a client from the US who purchased with them and said “Every time I travel to Europe now, I will bring my family here whilst I do my business and he told us that what is amazing is that all these wonders and the landscape is real so he was amazed by the quality of our offer and its authenticity.”

Finally, Ana shared that “This opportunity is something really unique in Quinta do Lago and I think our investors will appreciate it. The residences are ready for immediate occupation with all the quality services you could need and stay for the whole year. You can even do a golden visa and we also offer non-habitual residency.”


In regards to the future, Ana explained that “The only ongoing project is service and our future project is to grant more privileges for our Owner’s Club members inside the resort as well as outside. We intend to make our owners feel special as we are in a very special place and we want to add to that so that our clients can enjoy the rest of the region.”

For more information and enquiries please visit https://www.wyndhamgrandalgarveresidences.com/.