According to the SNR, strike notice has been given for the 1st, 05th, 08th, 12th, 19th, 22nd, 26th and 29th of August.

The union says that, after a meeting, the IRN undertook to immediately inform the Ministry of Justice (MJ) that, in order for the strike to be called off, there would have to be “an express and immediate commitment to resolve the remuneration constraints”, in addition to the issue of salary asymmetries, a matter to be resolved later, due to the need for legislative changes and longer negotiation.

According to the union, the constraints resulting from the strike that will have repercussions on the lives of citizens and companies are the sole responsibility of the MJ and the IRN Board of Directors who "were not competent, nor did they align in good faith in the negotiations to call off the strike".

As for the minimum services that must be provided during the strike, the union presents the reactive acts for urgent civil marriages due to danger of death or imminence of childbirth, wills for imminent death and civil marriages already scheduled before the date of the call for the strike.

The SNR understands that the issuance of a citizen's card or passport is not urgent, since citizens are aware of the validity of their documents and must promote their timely revalidation.