“According to the forecasts of the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho (IVV), wine production in Portugal is expected to drop by around 9% compared to the previous campaign (characterised by an abnormally high production) ,” he said in a statement.

However, estimates point to a volume of around 6.7 million hectoliters, 2% more than the average of the last five campaigns.

By region, Douro and Porto and Lisbon stand out with expected drops of 20% in terms of volume.

The regions of Minho (10%) and Terras de Cister (10%), in turn, should present the highest percentage increases.

The IVV also mentioned that, in general, the grapes present a “good phytosanitary state”, without diseases or pests.

However, the heat and the lack of water “could accentuate the water stress, so the weather conditions that occur until the harvest will be decisive in the quantity and quality of the harvest”.