According to the IPMA, almost 80 municipalities in the districts of Bragança, Vila Real, Porto, Braga, Viseu, Guarda, Coimbra, Castelo Branco, Santarém and Portalegre and three municipalities in the district of Faro (Loulé, São Brás de Alportel and Tavira) are all at maximum risk.

Around 50 municipalities in the districts of Viana do Castelo, Vila Real, Braga, Porto, Aveiro, Viseu, Coimbra, Castelo Branco, Santarém, Portalegre and Faro are at very high risk of fire, and more than 60 municipalities from the North to South of the country, many of them on the coast.

Minimum temperatures today will fluctuate between 15 degrees Celsius (Beja and Viseu) and 21 degrees (Faro) and maximum temperatures between 24 degrees (Sagres and Aveiro) and 37 degrees (Bragança).