For five days, the blue line trains will travel on the Reboleira/Laranjeiras and Marquês de Pombal/Santa Apolónia sections. The Praça de Espanha and São Sebastião stations on the blue line will also be closed — the station on the side of the red line will remain open.

To use public transport between the Jardim Zoológico and Parque station, the company recommends using the Carris buses 746 (M. Pombal – Est. Damaia) and 726 (Sapadores – Pontinha (Centro).

The closing of the Jardim Zoológico station includes the suspension at the service stations for the sale of tickets and the Navegante transport pass. Alternatively, customers should go to the Marquês de Pombal station and go to the Cartão Urgente station. For matters related to the Navegante Station, it will be necessary to use the other Navegante stations at the stations Entre Campos (Yellow line) and Alameda (Red line).