Speaking to the Lusa agency, the mayor of Celorico da Beira, Carlos Ascensão, explained that the fire entered the county through a re-ignition that took place today, in the middle of the morning.

“Today a re-ignition with great intensity reached all parts of Carrapichana, and the situation became uncontrollable by the wind, flames and lack of response”, he said.

The fire, which has been raging since Saturday in the municipalities of Covilhã (Castelo Branco district) and Manteigas and which on Wednesday afternoon also reached Gouveia and Guarda, spread today, at mid-morning, to the municipality of Celorico da Beira.

The mayor of this municipality in the district of Guarda says he understands “the lack of response”, given “the many requests” and the “vast area” of the fire.

“The situation in Linhares da Beira is more or less under control. In Carrapichana [the parish] it is more worrying”, he stressed.

Carlos Ascensão underlined that now, the most important thing, “is to try to overcome the problem”.

At 17:00, 1,618 operatives were fighting this fire, supported by 496 vehicles and 12 air assets, according to the Civil Protection website.